Before we get directly to the cultivation technology, we consider it our duty to warn our reader about the risks that he imposes on himself. Cultivation and possession of cannabis, not to mention its distribution, is severely punished by law! You must know what awaits you in case of an unfavorable development of events.

And since our book is in Russian and created for the Russian-speaking reader, we will weigh all the risks on the example of Russian laws. Moreover, most of the CIS countries have similar punitive legislation.

Growing itself falls under several articles. If you grow less than 20 bushes, then you face administrative prosecution under Article 10.5.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation “Illegal cultivation of plants containing narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances or their precursors.” Punishment for an act for individuals: a fine in the amount of 3,000 to 5,000 rubles or administrative arrest for up to 15 days. For legal entities, a fine of 100 to 300 thousand rubles is provided.

There is a rather clever trick on the part of the authorities. You can get rid of "administrative" only on condition that all plants grow, as they say, on the vine. If at least one bush is cut off, then you are already in the suffocating embrace of Article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation! Simply put, if the dry weight is more than 6 grams, then a criminal case may be initiated against you for possession of drugs. Depending on the amount of weed you have in your possession, the punishment can range from probation to 8 years in prison. So think thrice before you decide to grow something or, God forbid, decide to sell something. Let's agree right away, sales are taboo.

You are technically safe as long as the bushes grow peacefully. But after harvesting, the risks increase significantly, remember this.

There is one more article under which growing falls. If you find more than 20 plants, even on the vine, then you face criminal prosecution under Article 231 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Illegal cultivation of plants containing narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances or their precursors.” The punishment here, depending on the severity of the deed (determined by the number of plants confiscated from you by the police), can range from 2 to 8 years in prison!

Not even every murderer receives such draconian sentences. Therefore, the main thing in growing is safety. Below you will find tips on how to minimize the risks. Never neglect them, because they are written by growers' blood, sometimes literally.

1. Never, under any circumstances, tell anyone that you grow cannabis. The so-called "friends" of the grower sent thousands and thousands of unlucky growers to jail. The simplest example: you boasted to your friends that you were growing hemp, they boasted to their friends, and now the chain of initiates numbered in dozens of people. In such conditions, it is only a matter of time before the police become aware of your hobby. Next, can you guarantee that the people around you will still be your friends after 5 years? And after 10? Everything happens in life. It is not for nothing that the popular rumor says: “Today is a kent, and tomorrow - a cop.” Therefore, sit silently if you grow. Time itself will put everything in its place without your help. This also applies to love relationships. If you do not trust your soulmate as you do yourself, then never show what you are growing. History knows a lot of examples when the former simply handed over to the police their yesterday's lovers. In addition, decent people do not advertise their addiction to substances. Sometimes it's better to lie, but not admit that you are a grower.

2. Never, under any circumstances, distribute cannabis. It's not even about selling marijuana. Giving weed is considered by law as a form of marketing. If you treated a friend to a joint and he was detained with him, then you are automatically considered a drug dealer if he “leaked” you. It is better not to hope that your friend during interrogation will not turn you in to the police. They know how to untie tongues when they really need it. If they don’t break psychologically, they will break them with torture. There are no options at all. Just in case, remember that you have the right to a telephone call, a free or paid lawyer, and you also have the right guaranteed by Article 51 of the Constitution to remain silent and not give any evidence against yourself or your loved ones.

3. Use a charcoal filter if growing indoors and choose the most secluded nooks and crannies if growing outdoors. Cannabis exudes a very pungent and characteristic odor. If you do not install a carbon filter, then not only your apartment, but the entire entrance of your house will smell like hemp. A banal visit of the district police officer to your neighbors - and you are caught. By smell, you can also find a plot in the outdoors. In addition, now the police are actively using quadrocopters and other flying drones just to identify cannabis plantations. Therefore, profess the principle “you put it farther away, you take it closer”. Set up plantations away from crowded places, as well as fishing and hunting grounds!

4. Try to keep your relationship with the authorities to a minimum. If you grow up, then do not lead an associative lifestyle (the police often visit the brawlers and brawlers). Do not steal electricity, pay all your debts and fines on time to avoid the visit of bailiffs, for example.

5. Don't skimp on equipment. Cheap and low-quality parts in your grow box are unreliable from a fire safety point of view. Imagine what will happen if a short circuit occurs while you are not at home and firefighters arrive. By the time you arrive home, the police will be waiting for you.

6. Be always on the alert and do not relax. It is impossible to overdo it here, because the price of a mistake is your life, without any exaggeration. Conviction and prison is an eternal indelible stain on your biography. Is the high from smoking weed worth it to get into trouble? The answer is obvious.

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