What should a grower know and be able to do?

Any successful grower is a sum of knowledge and experience. And one is inseparable from the other. Therefore, in order to move on to practice, that is, to growing plants, you must gain basic knowledge.

Growing is not about planting cannabis seeds in the ground and waiting for the harvest. Growing is, first of all, technology. And quite strict. To be called an honorary grower, you must be familiar with our growing conditions, grow equipment, cannabis strains and types, fertilizers and stimulants, yield improvement techniques, and plant training. In addition, you should study someone else's growing experience. Only after that you have the right to count on success.

Of course, there are such nuggets who have grown a wonderful crop the first time, but such people are rare. Much more often, people armed with conceit instead of knowledge suffer a crushing fiasco. In the best case, all their success is about twenty grams of harvest, and in the worst case, the death of the plant during the growing season.

That's why you have to practice the right approach to growing from the very beginning, and that is self-education. There is no other way. Before you decide to plant something, be patient and know the minimum that is needed. Fortunately, our book will be your faithful guide to the world of growing. And if you read carefully and to the end, you will get not only basic, but also in-depth knowledge.

Let's repeat: growing is a whole technology, akin, for example, to carpentry. If you do not know what and how to do, then you will not assemble even a primitive dog kennel. And growing - perhaps, it will be more difficult than carpentry, forgive us fellow carpenters.

Here are some tips to get you on the right track from the start and avoid rookie mistakes.

Don't Rush Your Growing Equipment

The fact is that the equipment in each box is rarely identical. The setup is tailored to the individual needs of each grower. Growing a small autoflowering cannabis plant is one thing. Raising 4 powerful photoperiod varieties is quite another. Creating a grow room for 20 bushes is already the third thing.

Therefore, in order to choose equipment for yourself, you must first decide what you want and what scale of grow you need. And starting from this, you should proceed to the selection of equipment.

The most common and typical mistake of beginners is to buy a huge grow tent, plant a tiny auto, arm yourself with a low-power cheap lamp with a cryo spectrum, and then run through grow chats in search of help and lament there “something is not growing at all, Guys". Let's agree that this story is not about you, our dear readers. You will do everything right from the very beginning.

Take your time buying cannabis seeds

As in the case of equipment, the seeds are also selected individually and they are different. Cannabis is available in autoflowering, photoperiod and fast versions, seeds are regular and feminized. Among other things, cannabis is divided into sativa, indica, hybrid and ruderalis. Until all these words are empty words for you, then do not rush to buy, and even more so with the germination of purchased seeds.

Don't be like those beginners who ask for advice in the grow chat, but at the same time find it difficult to answer what exactly they bought and planted - auto or fotik?

To qualify as a grower, you must be familiar with all types of seed at least.

Learn the conditions you need to grow cannabis

Hemp grows adequately only when environmental conditions are met. These include: light level, temperature, humidity, pH of water and fertilizer solution for irrigation, the amount of air circulation in the grow tent. If the conditions are not met, then the plant will not reveal its potential in terms of yield, terpene and cannabinoid profiles. In some cases, when conditions are too different from those required, cannabis gets sick or simply dies.

You must know the conditions, as they say, “by heart”. This is not a whim or a whim, but a real urgent need. Remember from the very beginning, without the right conditions, you will not grow anything sensible!

Learn about fertilizers and how to use them

Fertilizers and stimulants are another important factor, without which indoor growing is impossible. In the outdoors, this is easier, but also not always. But indoors, it's the cornerstone, if you like.

A grower should be familiar with specialty fertilizer lines and brands, and a good grower should be able to make his own fertilizer from simple salts.

Among other things, you must understand the nuances of the acid-base balance in water and fertilizer solution for irrigation. If this balance is disturbed, then the nutrients simply will not be absorbed and the plant will die.

A grower must keep learning

Life doesn't stand still, and the same goes for growing. There are new brands and types of equipment, new varieties of cannabis, automation is being introduced.

For example, growers used to grow exclusively on HPS lamps. Today they are being replaced by LED lamps or so-called LED boards.

To keep up with the community, you need to constantly update your knowledge. As they say, keep your finger on the pulse.

Learn from others

Before you start growing anything, read the grow reports first. These are some kind of diaries of growers with a detailed description of the growing process and conditions. If your cognitive abilities are very tight and you are not embarrassed that you do not want to learn, then just learn from someone else's experience, at worst.

P.S. Still, we would like to see you as competent, trained and motivated growers. Good growers. Build your grower career around the milestones we've listed and you'll be fine!

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